What is Kabbalah?

The word Kabbalah means “receiving”. The wisdom of Kabbalah is all about how to receive everything we could possibly need and want in our life through the spiritual system that Kabbalah teaches.These spiritual laws of the universe take the soul through a journey toward ultimate fulfillment. Kabbalah is not a religion, but a set of values to learn and adapt into your everyday life in order to reach one's potential.

The 72 Names of God

The 72 Names of God is a formula of 72 combinations of Hebrew letters that Moses used to part the Red Sea. We can part our own personal Red Sea, and overcome the laws of nature by connecting to mind over matter when we scan the chart. Go to: this link for more information.

Every energy that we could possibly need and want in our life resides within The 72 Names of God. Each three letter combination is considered to be an angelic force or energy entity. They are not words, therefore not meant to be pronounced, just read with the eyes in the direction from right to left. The unique energies we can connect with through The 72 Names of God (on the chart from right to left, top to bottom) are:

Time Travel, Recapturing the Sparks, Creating Miracles, Stopping Negative Thoughts, Healing, Connecting to Dreams, DNA of the Soul, Dissolving Negativity, Removing Negative Angels, Protection Against Evil Eye, Banishing the Remnants of Evil, Unconditional Love, Heaven on Earth, Farewell to Arms, Long Range Vision, Removing Depression, Great Escape, Fertility, Dialing God, Victory Over Addictions, Eradicate Plague, Stopping Fatal Attraction, Sharing the Flame, Removing Jealousy, Speaking Your Mind, Order From Chaos, Silent Partner, Soulmate, Removing Hatred, Building Bridges, Finishing What You Start, Memories, Revealing the Dark Side, Forgetting Thyself, Sexual Energy, Fearless, Seeing the Big Picture, Circuitry, Diamond in the Rough, Speaking the Right Words, Self-Esteem, Revealing the Concealed, Defying Gravity, Sweetening Judgement, Prosperity, Certainty, Global Transformation, Unity, Happiness, Enough is Never Enough, No Guilt, Passion, No Agenda, Death of Death, Thought Into Action, Removing Anger, Listening to Your Soul, Letting Go, Umbilical Cord to the Light, Freedom, Water, Teacher not Preacher, Appreciation, Casting Yourself in a Positive Light, Fear of God, Accountability, Great Expectations, Contacting Departed Souls, Lost and Found, Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder, Prophecy and Parallel Universes, Spiritual Cleansing.

Ana Bekoach Meditation

Ana Bekoach connects our soul to the forces of creation, purifying our physical and spiritual life for the creation of miracles.

Kabbalistic Astrological Signs

Each sign is composed of two Hebrew letters, one letter representing the planet that rules the sign and the other letter representing the actual sign of the zodiac. By meditating on our individual sign we can connect to only the positive attributes of our sign and deflect the negative influences. We can also make this same connection to every month of the year as we connect to the inner spiritual energy of the month upon us through its corresponding letters.